"Someone asked us what was the best part of our trip, and unanimously it was having you accompany us on our ‘Cunningham roots tour’. I’m sure another Scotsman would have delivered us safely to our locations, but it never would have been the same. Your insight into history, reflections on politics and ‘talent’, colourful European accents, and overall geniality made this our best vacation, ever. And we have had some pretty epic vacations."

Lynn Cunningham, California

"Lord Sempill gave us the best 3 days of our vacation that were above and beyond our expectations. My husband and I travel to Europe each year, and have done many tours, both private and with small groups. Although we have done many that were excellent along with some that were disappointing, our tour with Jamie can comfortably be ranked as the best tour I've ever booked........... Among the things as to why we deemed our tour to be exceptional, I'd have to say the first thing is that we were never made to feel rushed. I honestly kept waiting for Jamie to have to push us along, but that NEVER happened once. On the contrary, when I'd occasionally mention, "I know we should probably get going", thinking maybe we were spending too much time enjoying something in the moment, Jamie would respond by telling us to "just take your time and enjoy yourselves.

Wanda Navarro, Boston. May 2015

"Jamie, thank you for adding so much witty conversation to our travels, along with the tidbits on Queen Mary! You were the stalwart trooper putting up with our MANY questions, family anecdotes, and for schlepping my luggage for me all over the place! I meant it when I said you feel like family now. Also the invitation to visit us in NC is open-ended; would thrill us if you come."

Barbara Bell, North Carolina

"My family and I booked a trip to Scotland to explore our ancestry. We got an experience of a life time as we walked in the footsteps of our fore-bearers and learned the history of our family.

Our tour guide, Lord Sempill, added to the authenticity. As he shared with us his knowledge and relationship to these places, his personal connection to Scottish history was infectious. This trip was life-changing, and Jamie's friendliness and enthusiasm were unforgettable."

Sally Causey, June 2013

"We were so pleased with the tour! It exceeded our expectations in every way. The accommodations were all excellent and truly enjoyable - most were fancier than we expected or needed but a pleasant surprise.The destinations were all fascinating. The timing on each day's drive was perfectly timed. And Jamie's historical knowledge and experience was an added bonus that we were greatly blessed by. I have traveled to 30 countries and been on many vacations and this one truly tops ALL of them. It will go down as the family's best vacation ever."

Jonni McCoy, Colorado